January 2, 2013

Getting there

Shirt:  Kohls
Sweater:  Forever 21
Pants:  Goodwill
Shoes:  K-mart
Scarf:  a gift

I generally don't make New Year's resolutions.  For all the effort I could put in, it just feels like I'm spinning my wheels, making half-hearted attempts at insignificant changes.

That being sad, one of my goals from last year was to put more effort into my appearance.  I asked for beauty tips on my blog, and my reader came through generously.  I've bought some mascara and lip products, and truth be told, I've had fun playing with them.  

I'm wearing make-up in the above picture - you can hardly tell, which is perfect for me.  

I haven't figured out why it's important for me to take this step.  Why is make-up something that signifies being an adult?  I've gone this long without it, so why start now?  Partially, I get annoyed when people mistake me for being a teenager, but that's hardly a major influence.  Applying make-up also feels like something I should know, a piece of knowledge I should have gained a long time ago, but that's not entirely it either.

Ah well.  I'm making a mountain out of nothing more than tinted chapstick.  If it's something that makes me feel more confident, I should just go ahead and do it!

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  1. i commented on this, days ago, and the internet ate it. =/

    i love love love that last shot of you! i like the bangs, the hairdo is very flattering -- emphasizes your smile. and golly, doll, do you have a wonderful smile! i think you look just right -- wouldn't mistake you for a teen, but still youthful, you look like you should be taken seriously but there's a spark of mischief in your eyes for those that know to look. =) (the faux naturale makeup is perfect, too!)