March 29, 2014

More of the Same

I'm afraid I've left Phenotype: fabulous wither because I haven't had much to share -- I'm straight off a month and a half of obstetrics, and facing two months of surgery, which means more than a quarter of a year straight wearing scrubs day in and day out.  On the one hand, it's a relief (like I hear wearing uniforms in high school is): I *never* have to think about what I'm wearing, because it's exactly the same every day.  On the other, it's pretty boring.  I have a closet full of things that I like, and no chance to wear them!  However, that does make it easier to keep my 2014 resolution not to acquire new clothes, since wearing what I want to is enough of a novelty that I don't pine over new additions to my wardrobe.

All of that means that when I do get to dress for myself, you can be darn sure I'm looking cute.

Tee: Threadless | Sweater: thrifted | Jeans: thrifted | Earrings: I made 'em 

And for a better look at that tee (riffing on Ben Franklin's famous cartoon)

The last time I got myself some fun graphic tees was my sophomore year of undergrad in 2007, when I first discovered Threadless.  I've added some new ones in the past year, and they make me quite happy.  I actually got two of this one, so that I could cannibalize one to make a birthday gift for one of my junior high buddies (AKA the piefairy's apprentice) last summer.

You've got to love an apron that comes with a recipe for apple pie right on it!  (I confess, I toyed with the idea of placing it upside-down, so that it could be read by the wearer, but the intended recipient had memorized my basic fruit pie recipe already, so I deemed it unnecessary).

How is everyone out there?  Same-old-same-old, like me, or are the winds of change a-blowing?

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  1. adorable! love the tea-with-cardigan look. also, did you cut your hair? super cute!