February 14, 2014

Good hair makes everything better

Long hours, dark when I get to the hospital, dark when I leave.  Fashionable is impractical these days; I'm living in scrubs.  Green gets you into Labor & Delivery, grey opens doors at surgery as well as L&D.  L&D nurses wear periwinkle blue. (Still haven't figured out who it is wearing bright turquoise -- maybe the cardiac catheterization lab?)  This all differs hospital to hospital; six months ago, the first time I saw a birth, we pediatricians wore the bright turquoise.

All that to say, not much of interest for Pheno:fab fodder.  Catching babies is fun, weird, stressful, and oddly surreal, and I usually look a hot mess doing it.
I do just want to say that when I delivered my first baby, at the very end of my very long first day on OB (how's that for an incentive not to go to a teaching hospital?), I did so with some really wonderful hair.

Seriously, I couldn't achieve that again even if I tried. 

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