February 6, 2013

A Month of Sundays, #1

I'm not one of those skirt-and-blouse type teachers.  Maybe if I taught high school, but as an elementary special education teacher, it's just not worth the risk.  Besides, I'd feel as thought I couldn't get down on the ground and play with my students, or create art projects.

Since my work wardrobe is fairly functional, I break out my skirts and heels whenever I can on the weekends.

Wearing stripes is also not common for me.  I find that you're either a stripes or a polka-dot girl, and you typically don't stray into foreign territory.  Stripes usually seem blocky or sailor-y to me; polka dots mean fun!

Since this shirt was a hand-me-down, I felt braver about venturing into stripes territory, since I wouldn't feel like I "wasted money" if it didn't work out.  Though I have purchased two other striped shirts recently, so we'll see if I can mosey into new territory.

Shirt & shoes:  hand-me-downs
Pants:  Goodwill
Hat & bracelet:  gifts

Yeah, I probably spent a total of five dollars on this outfit.
I have very generous sisters.
Speaking of sisters, my sister took these photos for me.
Thanks, Lyn!

Are you a stripes or a polka-dot girl?

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  1. i am definitely a stripes gal. i have maybe two or three polka dotted items, but probably 1/4 of my wardrobe has stripes in it.

  2. lordy, girl, you are gorgeous. that first shot -- your HAIR! i am in love with your hair, and with that hat.

    i am a stripes person, and perhaps even more a plaid person. i like polka small doses, or subtly (tone-on-tone, very small dots, etc). mixed with the rest of my aesthetic, dots tend to come off as either twee/little-girly, or look-at-me-i'm-being-retro.

    still can't get over your hair -- loooooove it! =)

    1. aw, thanks sweetie! I feel like I'm in a hair rut; it just won't grow longer! Stubborn locks. but they're curly and blondy and thank you, I like them too.

  3. I love polka dots more than stripes, but really I like them both. I agree that sometimes they can look sailor-y. But this sweater on you does not! It looks great. :)

    1. Thank you muchly! I don't think this top looks sailor-y, but other striped shirts can.

  4. Ahh! I can't choose between stripes and polka dots! I think there is a time and place for both :)

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, I just responded to it and hopefully you received an email or something with my response so we can keep the conversation going! We have very similarly colored hair... and mine looked almost identical to yours when I used to keep it long (except I've never ventured into bangs territory - too scared! But yours look darling!). My close friend is also an elementary special education teacher, and she sticks to pants and easy tops also :)