November 15, 2012

stand out.

hey guys. today i felt like standing out.

sweater: rue 21
dress: hand-me-down
tights: target

i paired this bright yellow dress with a sweater to keep warm. my lacey tights matched my lacey sweater in a way i didn't realize until after leaving for school. oh well. i also wore purple sneaker-type shoes. 
this out fit was colorful enough for my love of color but not obnoxious. i like clothes that can help me make a statement without looking silly or totally weird. matching contrasting colors is one way i do this as well as certain patterns that can still go with each other. 
i'm going to adopt charlotte's method and ask a question at the end of my post:

which outfits that you have help you stand out?
what's your favorite way to be original?

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